Debian 8.6 megjelenés, Debian GNU/Linux 8 “Jessie” frissítés

Debian 8.6 megjelenés, Debian GNU/Linux 8 “Jessie” frissítés

Megjelent az új GNU/Linux, a Debian 8.6-os verziója, A “Jessie” kódnévre keresztelt linux disztribúció megjelenésével az első debian, amelyik a systemd-s initet tartalmazza. Két új architektúra támogatottsága is bekerült a Debian 8-ba, így már arm64 és ppc64el  architektúrákon is futtatható a az új stabil debian.

Nagyon sok verzióban tölthető le a Debian Jessie, a szokásos architektúrákban, 32bites és 64bites verzióban, teljes DVD set, CD image. live DVD, a leggyakoribb Desktop verziókban, és a szokásos minimális “net-install” verziót is ingyen használhatjuk.

A Debian 8.6 linux frissítései

Package Reason
adblock-plus New upstream release, compatible with firefox-esr
apache2 Fix race condition and logical error in init script; remove links to in default index.html; mod_socache_memcache: Increase idle timeout to 15s to allow keep-alive connections; mod_proxy_fcgi: Fix wrong behaviour with 304 responses; correct systemd-sysv-generator behaviour; mod_proxy_html: Add missing config file mods-available/proxy_html.conf
audiofile Fix buffer overflow when changing both sample format and number of channels [CVE-2015-7747]
automake-1.14 Avoid insecure use of /tmp/ in install-sh
backintime Add missing dependency on python-dbus
backuppc Fix regressions from samba update to 4.2
base-files Update for the point release
biber Fix breakage triggered by point release update of perl
cacti Fix sql injection in tree.php [CVE-2016-3172] and graph_view.php [CVE-2016-3659]; fix authentication bypass [CVE-2016-2313]
ccache Upstream bug-fix release
clamav Don’t fail if AllowSupplementaryGroups is still set in the configuration file
cmake Fix FindOpenSSL module to detect OpenSSL 1.0.1t
conkeror Support Firefox 44 and later
debian-edu-config Move from Iceweasel to Firefox ESR; adjust ldap-tools/ldap-debian-edu-install to be compliant with systemd now that unit samba.service is masked; dhclient-exit-hooks.d/hostname: adjust for the case of a dedicated LTSP server; adjust cf.krb5client to ensure that cfengine runs are idempotent; move code to cleanup /usr/share/pam-configs/krb5 diversion from postinst to preinst to ease upgrades from old wheezy installations; don’t purge libnss-mdns as cups now needs mdns for automatic printer detection
debian-edu-doc Update Debian Edu jessie and wheezy manuals from the wiki
debian-installer Rebuild against proposed-updates
debian-installer-netboot-images Rebuild for the point release
debian-security-support Update included support data; add support for marking packages as losing support at a future date
dietlibc Fix insecure default PATH
dwarfutils Security fixes [CVE-2015-8538 CVE-2015-8750 CVE-2016-2050 CVE-2016-2091 CVE-2016-5034 CVE-2016-5036 CVE-2016-5038 CVE-2016-5039 CVE-2016-5042]
e2fsprogs Disable prompts for time skew which is fudged in e2fsck; fix potential corruption of Hurd file systems by e2fsck, pointer bugs that could cause crashes in e2fsck and resize2fs
exim4 Fix cutthrough bug with body lines having a single dot; fix crash on “exim -be ‘${if crypteq{xxx}{\$aaa}{yes}{no}}'”; improve NEWS file; backport missing upstream patch to actually make $initial_cwd expansion work
file Fix buffer over-write in finfo_open with malformed magic file [CVE-2015-8865]
firegestures New upstream release, compatible with firefox-esr
flashplugin-nonfree Update-flashplugin-nonfree: Delete old from cache
fusionforge Remove dependency on Mediawiki plugin from fusionforge-full metapackage
gdcm Fix integer overflow [CVE-2015-8396] and denial of service [CVE-2015-8397]
glibc Fix assertion failure with unconnectable name server addresses (regression introduced by CVE-2015-7547 fix); fix *context functions on s390x; fix a buffer overflow in the glob function [CVE-2016-1234], a stack overflow in nss_dns_getnetbyname_r [CVE-2016-3075], a stack overflow in getaddrinfo function [CVE-2016-3706], a stack overflow in Sun RPC clntudp_call() [CVE-2016-4429]; update from upstream stable branch; fix open and openat functions with O_TMPFILE; fix backtrace hang on armel/armhf, possibly causing a minor denial of service vulnerability [CVE-2016-6323]; fix mtr on systems using only IPv6 nameservers
gnome-maps New upstream release; use the Mapbox tile server, instead of the no longer supported MapQuest server
gnome-sudoku Don’t generate the same puzzle sequence every time
gnupg gpgv: Tweak default options for extra security; g10: Fix checking key for signature validation
gnupg2 gpgv: Tweak default options for extra security; g10: Fix checking key for signature validation
greasemonkey New upstream release, compatible with firefox-esr
intel-microcode New upstream release
jakarta-jmeter Really install the templates; fix an error with libxstream-java >= 1.4.9 when loading the templates
javatools Return correct architecture string for ppc64el in
kamailio Fix libssl version check
libbusiness-creditcard-perl Adjust to changes in credit card ranges and processing of various companies
libcss-dom-perl Work around Encode changes included in perl and libencode-perl stable updates
libdatetime-timezone-perl Update included data to 2016e; new upstream release
libdevel-declare-perl Fix breakage caused by change in perl stable update
libnet-ssleay-perl Fix build failure with openssl 1.0.1t-1+deb8u1
libquota-perl Adapt platform detection to work with Linux 4.x
libtool Fix multi-arch co-installability [amd64 i386]
libxml2 Fix a problem unparsing URIs without a host part like qemu:///system; this unbreaks libvirt, libsys-virt-perl and others
linux New upstream stable release
lxc Make sure stretch/sid containers have an init system, after init 1.34 dropped the ‘Essential: yes’ header
mariadb-10.0 New upstream release, including security fix [CVE-2016-6662]
mozilla-noscript New upstream release, compatible with firefox-esr
nullmailer Do not keep relayhost data in debconf database longer than strictly needed
open-iscsi Init script: wait a bit after iSCSI devices have appeared, working around a race condition in which dependent devices can appear only after the initial udev settle has returned; open-iscsi-udeb: update initramfs after copying configuration to target system
openssl Fix length check for CRLs; enable asm optimisation for s390x
ovirt-guest-agent Install executable; change owner of log directory to ovirtagent in postinst
piuparts Fix build failure (don’t test the current Debian release status, tracking that is distro-info-data’s problem)
policykit-1 Several bug-fixes: fix heap corruption [CVE-2015-3255], local authenticated denial of service [CVE-2015-4625] and issue with invalid object paths in RegisterAuthenticationAgent [CVE-2015-3218]
publicsuffix New upstream release
pypdf2 Fix infinite loop in readObject() function
python-django Bug-fix update to 1.7.11
python2.7 Address StartTLS stripping attack in smtplib [CVE-2016-0772], integer overflow in zipimporter [CVE-2016-5636], HTTP header injection [CVE-2016-5699]
quassel Fix remote DoS in quassel core with invalid handshake data [CVE-2016-4414]
ruby-eventmachine Fix remotely triggerable crash due to FD handling
ruby2.1 dl::dlopen should not open a library with tainted library name in safe mode [CVE-2009-5147]; Fiddle handles should not call functions with tainted function names [CVE-2015-7551]
sendmail Do not abort with an assertion if the connection to an LDAP server is lost; ensure sendmail {client_port} is set correctly on little endian machines
sqlite3 Fix tempdir selection vulnerability [CVE-2016-6153], segfault following heavy SAVEPOINT usage
systemd Use the right timeout for stop processes we fork; don’t reset log level to NOTICE if we get quiet on the kernel cmdline; fix prepare priority queue comparison function in sd-event; update links to cgroup documentation; don’t start console-getty.service when /dev/console is missing; order systemd-user-sessions.service after and
tabmixplus New upstream release, compatible with firefox-esr
tcpreplay Handle frames of 65535 octets size, add a size check [CVE-2016-6160]
tor Update the set of authority directory servers
tzdata New upstream release; update to 2016e
unbound Init script fixes: add “pidfile” magic comment; call start-stop-daemon with –retry for ‘stop’ action
util-vserver Rebuild against dietlibc 0.33~cvs20120325-6+deb8u1, fixing insecure default PATH
vorbis-tools Fix large alloca on bad AIFF input to oggenc [CVE-2015-6749], Validate count of channels in the header [CVE-2014-9638 CVE-2014-9639], fix segmentation fault in vcut
vtk Rebuild to fix Java paths [ppc64el]
wget By default, on server redirects to a FTP resource, use the original URL to get the local file name [CVE-2016-4971]
wpa Security updates relating to invalid characters [CVE-2016-4476, CVE-2016-4477]
yaws Fix HTTP_PROXY cgi env injection [CVE-2016-1000108]
zabbix Fix mysql.size shell command injection in zabbix-agent [CVE-2016-4338]

A Debian 8.6 linux biztonsági frissítései

Advisory ID Package
DSA-3548 samba
DSA-3548 talloc
DSA-3548 tdb
DSA-3548 tevent
DSA-3548 ldb
DSA-3565 monotone
DSA-3588 symfony
DSA-3589 gdk-pixbuf
DSA-3590 chromium-browser
DSA-3591 imagemagick
DSA-3592 nginx
DSA-3593 libxml2
DSA-3594 chromium-browser
DSA-3595 mariadb-10.0
DSA-3596 spice
DSA-3597 expat
DSA-3598 vlc
DSA-3599 p7zip
DSA-3600 firefox-esr
DSA-3602 php5
DSA-3603 libav
DSA-3604 drupal7
DSA-3605 libxslt
DSA-3606 libpdfbox-java
DSA-3607 linux
DSA-3608 libreoffice
DSA-3609 tomcat8
DSA-3610 xerces-c
DSA-3611 libcommons-fileupload-java
DSA-3612 gimp
DSA-3613 libvirt
DSA-3614 tomcat7
DSA-3615 wireshark
DSA-3616 linux
DSA-3617 horizon
DSA-3618 php5
DSA-3619 libgd2
DSA-3620 pidgin
DSA-3621 mysql-connector-java
DSA-3622 python-django
DSA-3623 apache2
DSA-3624 mysql-5.5
DSA-3625 squid3
DSA-3626 openssh
DSA-3627 phpmyadmin
DSA-3628 libunicode-linebreak-perl
DSA-3628 debhelper
DSA-3628 libmime-encwords-perl
DSA-3628 perl
DSA-3628 libsys-syslog-perl
DSA-3628 libmodule-build-perl
DSA-3628 libnet-dns-perl
DSA-3628 libintl-perl
DSA-3628 cdbs
DSA-3628 libmime-charset-perl
DSA-3628 devscripts
DSA-3628 exim4
DSA-3629 ntp
DSA-3630 libgd2
DSA-3631 php5
DSA-3632 mariadb-10.0
DSA-3633 xen
DSA-3634 redis
DSA-3635 libdbd-mysql-perl
DSA-3637 chromium-browser
DSA-3638 curl
DSA-3639 wordpress
DSA-3640 firefox-esr
DSA-3641 openjdk-7
DSA-3642 lighttpd
DSA-3643 kde4libs
DSA-3644 fontconfig
DSA-3645 chromium-browser
DSA-3646 postgresql-9.4
DSA-3647 icedove
DSA-3648 wireshark
DSA-3649 gnupg
DSA-3650 libgcrypt20
DSA-3651 rails
DSA-3652 imagemagick
DSA-3653 flex
DSA-3653 bogofilter
DSA-3654 quagga
DSA-3655 mupdf
DSA-3656 tryton-server
DSA-3657 libarchive
DSA-3658 libidn
DSA-3659 linux
DSA-3660 chromium-browser
DSA-3661 charybdis
DSA-3662 inspircd
DSA-3663 xen
DSA-3664 pdns

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